Saturday, 17 March 2007

Comic Relief!

Time: 9:55 AM
Place: Living Room at my house
Wearing: My jim jams...having a lazy morning

I got up today at like 7 am and really didn't want to get out of bed.........but half an hour later i decided to get up and dressed to do my paper round as I really need the money. I have the best paper round in my area( £16 a week). I really need the money to pay off for a dress I bought for my friends dinner party the other week, I also need to put money back into my savings for snowboarding lessons which i'm going to do in the Easter Holidays!!!! I can't wait!

So yeah my paper round went okay i guess.... i saw this cat that I used to play with when it was a kitten and it remebered me! but nothing else really happened

Yesterday was red nose day and our school goes all out for this occasion. The 6th auction themselves off to the rest of the school for a day. The slave auction was held in the school gym and there was altogether 20 lotsof slaves you could bid for. The headteacher was the auctionneer and was dressed up smartly in a tux. some of the lots went for loads especially the '80s aerobic group' which was bought by some girls in my year and ' Ghostbusters' which was bought buy a load of year 7 lads including my friends brother so we spent the day getting attacked by their waterguns. Other comic relief events including a boy with really really frizzy curly hair getting his hair straightened, the p.e teacher having his legs waxed and an autograph auction including signed photos by jonny wilkinson. The day ended with my p.e class having a great game of footy on the astroturf, I have just recently developed a huge passion for playing football and now i'm joining the schools team on tuesday with a few of my friends.

Today i think i am off to town with a few of my friends and hopefully get a few bargains as I don' really have much money at the minute.

buh grammar girl xx